We offer classes in various styles of dance for every level! Our teachers ensure every student is happy and comfortable with the class(es) they are taking!



Ballet teaches discipline and can be considered the basis of all dance. We offer a variety of classes including the RAD graded levels, in which students may be offered the option to participate in ballet exams, as well as technical ballet classes. Both types of classes focus on the technical and performance aspects of ballet. 


Jazz is a fun, upbeat class incorporating a variety of energetic movements. Jazz classes are an explosion energy and allow dancers to express themselves and even show their own personality in their steps. 

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is heavily based on performance and incorporates many aspects of theatre. Lip-syncing/singing and acting are two aspects that are focused upon in this style of dance to really entertain the audience. It can be considered the triple threat as it traditionally includes singing, dancing, and acting. 


Tap allows dancers to incorporate sound into their dancing. With tap shoes, dancers are able to use their feet almost as a percussion instrument. In a tap class, dancers will learn a variety of steps and combos.



Lyrical is characterized by fluidity and emotion. This style of dance tends to tell more of a story through movement. This style is sometimes considered the merging point of ballet and jazz.


Contemporary tends to incorporate elements of a variety of different dance styles; however it abandons the rigid, centred aspect of classical forms of dance and utilizes unconventional movements from various styles.  


Hiphop is an upbeat fun class based on many forms of street-style dancing. This class is perfect for students with lots of energy and who like to move to the music.


Predance is an introductory class for our youngest age levels. It focuses on developing basic dance skills and coordination, while exploring movements from various styles of dance.



Acro is a class which combines classic dance technique with acrobatic elements. This class largely focuses on flexibility, strength, and coordination. 


Tumbling is a class which focuses solely on the technical aspects of acrobatics. Similar to acro, it focuses on flexibility, strength, and coordination; however, it does not include as much of a dance element.